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In autumn of 2018, I began working with my lovely clients who were challenged with high volume tree loss due to the emerald ash borer, major deer browsing, steep eroding slopes, and invasive plants. Over the last several years, we have reduced the invasive weed pressure along with native plant seeding thanks to the work of  ArcheWild and Living Landesign, Inc.  In addition, mainly native plant species and cultivars, as well as non-native, non-invasive species of trees, shrubs,  and perennials have been planted by Living Landesign, Inc. This effort will increase habitat, reduce invasive weed pressure and erosion, reduce long term maintenance/cost and restore the woodland habitat. I am so thankful to work with such kind and wonderful clients who care so much about their property and entrust me, along with Living Landesign, Inc. with it's care.

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