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I have been working with my client over a number of years and during this time she has grown as a gardener and land steward. I am grateful to help her achieve her vision of creating a diverse habitat for wildlife, including food, nectar, pollen and shelter for bees, butterflies, birds and caterpillars. Her garden now has over 120 native plants species on the 1/4 acre lot, that provide multiple seasons of interest for her and the wildlife that counts on it to survive.  Her commitment and dedication to continually learn and improve her own patch of earth to make a positive impact on the natural world around her is inspiring. She has replaced all of her turf grass with flowering native perennials and sedges. I am so honored to work with my client and play a small part in her journey to create a outdoor world of joy and meaning for her and her wildlife friends! Front and side yard natural flagstone walkways installed by Living Landesign Inc.

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